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Civil and Commercial dispute resolution.

Welcome to IHS Mediation. I am Ian Stanistreet, a CMC Associate Mediator and experienced Chartered Surveyor, specialising in property and business disputes.

Face-to-face or on Zoom.

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I can assist in resolving a wide range of disputes, from property to finance to business.
I am passionate about mediation and the benefits it can bring to the parties to a dispute. It is fast, effective and can save thousands of pounds in legal costs. Contact me to find out how I can help you resolve your dispute.

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The Court process can take years and cost thousands of pounds in legal fees. It can distract you from your main business and have a huge impact emotionally on you and those around you.

You can come away from a Mediation with your dispute settled and all parties signed up to the agreement the same day. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and the parties will still end up in court. The courts require the parties to a dispute to have at least attempted Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including Mediation, before issuing proceedings.

Mediation is an “off the record” attempt to settle before going to court. I am independent and unbiased and will listen to what both parties have to say and try to explore any common ground that could result in an agreement.


Fast and effective.
Reduces legal fees.
Off the record unless the parties reach an agreement.
You have control over the outcome.
You can still go to court if Mediation doesn’t work.
Private and confidential.
Binding on the parties.
Flexibility of the outcome.

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